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Artist Accelerator Programme

Techniques and strategies to advance your DJ career

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Don't waste 

Course Content

Goal Setting & Mindset
Begin with the end in mind 

Facebook & Instagram Hacks

Getting your socials the attention they deserve. 

Spotify Strategies

Maximise your account and find true fans of your music

Email marketing

How to grow your email list and the best way to keep them feeling special. (These guys are your most important asset!)

SoundCloud Growth Hacks

Combining techniques to continuously grow your SoundCloud on autopilot. 

Press & PR

The best ways of getting press releases and features, and how to make the most of them. 

The importance of building a strong network


Pre-Order Offer

Enrollment for the course begins this Autumn.

Secure your place now and take advantage of our pre-order offer to get the following

50% off the course price
Worth £250

12 months of email support with one of our team.
Worth £100


Access to our advanced goal setting webinar.
Worth £50


A goal setting workbook to help you knuckle down and figure out exactly what you want to achieve!
Worth £30


Access to our very own database of press info / Spotify Curators
Worth £100

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