The next release on Black Seven Music comes fresh out of the imprint’s very own studio, with frontmen BRODYR delivering their inaugural EP on the label. Featuring two freshly-squeezed originals from the duo, their ‘Got It’ EP also comes equipped with a remix feature from one of the UK’s hottest prospects in that of Libero Records boss, Mike Morrisey.

Rolling a sturdy bed of rhythm straight through the front door, ‘Got It’ opens in spirited fashion - with a tonal-heavy groove and rich percussion from the first bar. Beyond that, the track modulates through the gears with soft synth lines and injections of offbeat shuffle. Transitioning with great purpose, the climactic stages of the track offer an expanding vocal hook - complementing the harmonics and energy of the track. Essentially, a rising and striking terrace weapon that inspires the need to dance with relative ease.

Mike Morrisey’s archetypally standout remix of ‘Got It’ comes as no surprise in terms of quality and potency. Robust low frequencies drive the track forward and fuel the perpetual energy that rings throughout. Layers upon layers of masterfully constructed percussive factors piercingly creative FX shots complement the minimalism in the low-range of the track, creating an enjoyably balanced mix of oomph and sway. Yet another fine display from the young Mancunian, who is quickly running out of sleeve space for stripes earned.

Completing the release, the riveting ‘Bring It Back’ is a diversified number with a classic House feel to it. Sweeping sub-bass notes and bright synth sequences add to its feel-good allure, which bounces perfectly off a punchy beat structure. Atmospheric use of fx gives the track a vast and wide feel to its transitional sections, before stuffing you back into the groove again - laced with a catchy vocal hook.