‘Hold You Tight’ comprises two original cuts, accompanied by a remix from mrT & SimoV. Fresh off the back of releases on the likes of Tonic D Records & Fine Music, the pairing deliver the cardinal entry in our release catalogue with a combination of standout Tech House tracks.


Opening the release, the title track kicks the door open with punchy drums and a swinging groove. Skipping hat rhythms bounce off the top of a catchy bassline and meet a captivating vocal hook in the bridges of the track. Ferocious peaks and drops throughout make this a primetime go-to!


Next up, mrT & SimoV deliver a stripped-back remix of ‘Hold You Tight’. Retaining a slice of the bounciness of the original, the remix delivers a more rolling vibe, focussing heavily on percussive elements to give it an undulating sense of hypnotism. Shakers, tonal toms and a terrace-type feel, a track oozing class from the first bar.


Closing the release, ‘Get You Free’ continues the trend of bumpy, bottom-heavy grooves. Another intricate layering of rhythmic elements and potent low-frequencies - driven by an attention-grabbing vocal topline. Percussive-focused high-energy tech house with an underground feel; offering something outside of the box to keep the dancefloor on their toes.