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Three for the groove of it

We caught up with BRODYR to find out what 


Beat Radar Feature

Three for the groove of it

Here’s three that has FULL focus on the groove. No melody lines, no singing, none of that nonsense. Just a beat. Bam tikka bam tikka bam tikka bam tikka crash, tshktshkthsk – tikka-tikka-phunk… And I love it. Melodies are only there to cover up a sucky beat anyways, right?

Italobros Final.png

 ItaloBros Interview 

Italobros enlighten us about their Viento EP out on Black Seven Music....

Italian duo ItaloBros are known for their refined rhythmic sound with material on Under No Illusion, Time Bandits and their very own La Pera Records imprint. For their latest offering the pair head over to newly launched Black Seven Music to deliver their ‘Viento’ EP...



ItaloBros - Viento EP

La Pera Records duo ItaloBros spearhead Black Seven Music’s label launch with ‘Viento EP’, featuring remixes from South of Saturn artists Rone White & Rowen Clark and label bosses BRODYR...

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